Tech Content Collections

Using Cognitive Search to make the law more accessible: Part 1
Using Azure Cognitive Search to index UK Law going back to the 1800s, to make it accessible and comprehensible
Unlocking content using Azure Cognitive Search, and Agolo
Using Azure Cognitive Search to index information within a document store, and make it more easily comprehensible & accessible
Intelligent search at your fingertips: Semantic Search
Semantic Search offers better answers to search queries, understanding what the user means. Power up Cognitive Search, from Ignite 2021.

Cognitive Services

Video Indexer

Python to extract Transcripts and Insights from Video
Microsoft is a multimedia legend! aio-videoindexer is a Python package for accessing Microsoft Video Indexer asynchronously.

Bing News

CLI wizardry - Bing News Search on the fly
Creating a command line interface with Python to search for news articles, find content, and see what’s happening.

Power Automate

Power Automate for individual group notifications
Using Power Automate, and Flow Bot to send individual notifications to members of a Team - and fall back to email.