I'm Chris Lloyd-Jones, Sealjay. I live in London

I work at Avanade - I'm the Head of Open Innovation, which means focussing on an ecossytem of academia, foundations, and start-ups; it also encompasses Avanade’s Open-Source projects office and developer relations team.

I started my career working in local government, with a brief stint at the Financial Ombudsman Service. I transitioned careers, and since then I've focussed on data, analytics, and emerging technologies.

These days, I focus on scaling capabilities, or working with open source organisations like the TODO Group, the Green Software Foundation, and LF Europe.

I'm a Microsoft MVP in AI, the Chief Blueprints Officer for OpenUK, as well as supporting various roles at the Green Software Foundation: the Vice-Chair of the Oversight Committee, Co-Chair of the Open Source Working Group, and a Steering Committee member.